Welcome to my blog about Sport, Home, Garden, Design, take a look at the world of living, style, and lifestyle. I’m a part-time interior designer, part-time blogger, full-time mom.

In 2007, I completed my degree of interior architecture at the Geneva University art and design. With this diploma, I worked and gained experience from a company that designs contemporary furniture products. After a number of years, my creative heart began to cry and I started as an independent entrepreneur.

As an interior designer, I am driven by my profession. I listen to your story and look for possibilities and solutions. I give advice on interior projects, supervised parts of them or complete interior projects; from the moment the first sketch is put on the paper until the realization of the interior. For both private and business customers, I give advice for a home, office, cafeteria, pharmacy, shop or a catering facility interior project. Nothing is too crazy. For example, I designed an art object for an event.

Over the years, I developed my own design vision through the experience of various projects and travels I did. In my vision of interior, it is important that there is a balance when it comes to colors, material, and appearance in combination with the various functions of space. An interior must have a nice and pleasant appearance, but it must also be liveable and workable. And that in a way that fits the wishes of the client.

Feel free to contact and comment my blog if you want to ask a question or even just saying hi.